Sunday, January 31, 2010

DNBF Front page repeats 1-23-10 to 1-30-10

I'm sure there are more than what I will list here...
These are the front page repeats from the week of 1-23-10 thru 1-30-10.
Shops that are given an unfair advantage by repeatedly being given free promotional time by etsy staff, while the vast majority of etsy sellers haven't seen their items on the front page in multiple months, if not years.

Don't patronize these shops. Do not buy their merchandise. Do not feature them in your treasuries. If they're in your favorites, then I would recommend removing them.

rabbitstop (apparently the new toybreaker!)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DNBF Front Page Repeats

No, kids, it's not your imagination! The same sellers are featured on the front page treasury on a daily basis.
yesterday and today... and probably tomorrow and forever on into the future...
you know, slinkymalinkicat, the vintage reseller of an ENDLESS supply of other people's prints. slinkymalinkicat is not an artist, slinkymalinkicat sells other people's work, not handmade.


featured on the front page twice in one day...

Oh, oh! Perennial forum whiner tinahdee made the front page!

Favoritism is so tactless. Do Not Buy From sellers who benefit from unfair business practices based in favoritism and carelessness.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

nazi memorobilia...

Remember the nazi flag? No? Then google it.

racist postcard

racist postcard

nazi postcard

nazi memorobilia

Feel free to report these items, even though they have already been reported.
How many flags does a nazi item get before it is removed?

anyone but...

this is fucking hilarious, riotously hilarious!

TheRipMender says:
I vote for no one here on etsy at all, not admin, not sellers, not buyers.

Let it be an outsider with no current or previous ties to etsy so as to not cater to favoritism, etc. Also let them be anonymous---we really do not need to know who the moderator is or be their friend.
And TheRipMender is currently the smartest person on etsy, congratulations, TheRipMender!
No, really, I mean that. I fully endorse no current etsy users as a potential new forum moderator, especially not any of the people mentioned in this thread.

tinahdee... you're a special case
Apparently, this is part 2 in what now must be an ongoing series of "tinahdee".

Dear Rob Kalin, please, please....
Please don't change the default search until the issues with resellers, mistagging, and keyword stuffing are addressed and fixed.

Please.... even with all the faults and quirks of the system the way it is, at least we understand it and can work with it until the extremely important underlying issues are taken care of. With all due respect, it's putting the cart before the horse to change the default search to relevant when the system is so broken.

To change the default search to relevant when all these other things are going on feels like adding insult to injury. As a seller who has a modest level of success here, it feels like I am being sabotaged by "relevant thursdays" and the promise (threat?) of this becoming permanent. Is there really any way that the "kinks" in the current "relevant search" can possibly get worked out (in three short weeks of beta testing) when the HUGE underlying problems that bork the system are still there?

I am trying not to anticipate Thursday, and I am working on living in the moment and taking care of business right now. And I will find a way to succeed in my business, on or off Etsy, even if the resellers and keyword stuffers get rewarded as the system becomes even more unworkable for people who are trying to run an honest business, be competitive, and truly strive for excellence without asking for concessions. But I love Etsy and its unique quality in a sea of mediocre marketplaces and it would be a tragedy to see it go the way of others.

So, my plea to you is, please don't change the search system until the more important issues are fixed. Can we back up and attack this in a different way?

Thanks for listening.
So, tinahdee would rather spend 20 cents constantly renewing than have a search that works for buyers on the basis of relevancy.

but then, tinahdee is a special one
who thinks there is no favoritism with the front page or gift guides...

Would you morons stop complaining when etsy actually implements something that will work for your benefit with less monetary expense? Seriously, shut the fuck up and calm down. Let relevancy take its course.

really, etsy?

Is it that hard to spread the wealth around?
Tuesday 26 January 2010
rosiemusic makes the front page twice in 1 day, within the span of 4 hours.
bubbletime makes the front page twice in 1 day, within the span of 4 hours... and was featured on the previous day

poppyswickedgarden is on the front page with the same tights for the umpteenth time.

gollybard is on the front page today, as gollybard was on the front page yesterday.

slinkymalinkicat again, just like every day before that...
you know, slinkymalinkicat, who has an endless supply of prints that were manufactured by someone else, drawn by someone else... not handmade.

25 January 2010
Raceytay makes the front page twice in 1 day, 2 treasuries back to back.

With at least 333 regular treasuries and 222 treasury wests to choose from, how do the same people end up on the front page all the time?
So, all you consumers do your fellow etsians a favor: don't buy from admin favorites, don't buy from these sellers. Do Not Patronize shops that benefit from unfair business practices.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thank you for the magic!

Oh this one was beautiful: a thread of self congratulating stupidity!
Maybe you guys haven't noticed, but there are scores of threads on the forums bemoaning favoritism. Scores.

Try considering that people actually pass through here and have a good laugh that someone else says what they're thinking: fuck those assholes, and fuck etsy staff. We are all tired of seeing your shit.

Of course, we know that you cupcakes are petty and tactless, so we prefer to laugh at you anonymously. By doing so, we render your wrath impotent. You just have to sit there in your little half-assed hipster ass kissing ivory towers and wonder who pelts you with the occasional stone.

You know, we pay the same .20¢ to list as well. It's just that apparently we are paying the salaries of people who go out of their way to promote you all at the expense of the rest of us. And believe me, it's not that your products are quality, or that your pictures are good, or even that your tags or descriptions are accurate. It is simply a matter of a few irresponsible employees who put whatever new shiny thing catches their eye on the front page. They don't look hard, and they don't look far. And their "taste"? Well, calling it "taste" requires the use of quote marks.

Don't flatter yourselves with false feelings of security. We snark at you, we've turned your shop names into snide asides. We're tired of being shown links to your tired old shit.

If you were even remotely responsible, you'd realize that "jealously" and "psychosis" have nothing to do with it. This is just pointing out bad business practices with the suggestion that consumers avoid purchasing from sellers who are given free promotion at the expense and on the dime of all their fellow etsians. It is that simple.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do Not Patronize!

A special update!
Etsy staff have been hard at work promoting the same old tired shit on the front page again!
Since they work so hard for these people, DO NOT BUY from them!









Thursday, January 7, 2010

a special one

Oh fuck you assholes

really, regretsy is the cause of all evil and strife in the world?

HelenesDreams says:
"I remember my mom telling me "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all." I used to think that all people were nice and kind. Obviously it's not the case. I am sure, the kind of energy some put out is the kind of energy they bring in too."
HelenesDreams says:
I don't find it funny when you start off with " Ugly Shit on Etsy"...who is really the ugly one? Someone needs to take a better look.

So, perhaps, Helene, since you have nothing nice to say, you should have followed your mother's advice? Irony, no? Hypocrisy, yes!

peaceblossomcandles says:
"dennisanderson said:
id like to see what the owner of Regretsy crafts and their shop :)"


Yeah, agree. I wonder how they'd feel if everybody picked on them. Ha! But we don't get to, 'cause like the OP said, the anonymity of the Internet.
Some of the comments are way meaner than even the moderator of the site is.
Hey, idiots! Her name is April Winchell, it's plastered across the main graphic on the sidebar of Regretsy. So, to recap, dennisanderson, who enjoys acting like a disruptive child in all sorts of forum threads cannot be bothered to visit the site and read anything in the first 2 inches of screen... and yet, hang on to your hats, folks, he has something to"add" to the discussion...
Thank god that some other moron who also cannot read took the time to agree with him!

Regretsy smells like fine wine, all I get here are sour grapes.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Holy Shit.

read this thread

this etsy seller doesn't think you should notice that the same people are featured on the front page of etsy all the time... in spite of the fact that her items have been repeatedly featured on the front page of etsy.

You know, and tinahdee is currently in 6 gift guides
gifts under $100.00
Statement gifts
Personalized gifts
Rustic Redux
Equestrian Crap
Nostalgic Whimsy

Don't patronize hypocrites.
Don't patronize tinahdee.