Thursday, January 7, 2010

a special one

Oh fuck you assholes

really, regretsy is the cause of all evil and strife in the world?

HelenesDreams says:
"I remember my mom telling me "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all." I used to think that all people were nice and kind. Obviously it's not the case. I am sure, the kind of energy some put out is the kind of energy they bring in too."
HelenesDreams says:
I don't find it funny when you start off with " Ugly Shit on Etsy"...who is really the ugly one? Someone needs to take a better look.

So, perhaps, Helene, since you have nothing nice to say, you should have followed your mother's advice? Irony, no? Hypocrisy, yes!

peaceblossomcandles says:
"dennisanderson said:
id like to see what the owner of Regretsy crafts and their shop :)"


Yeah, agree. I wonder how they'd feel if everybody picked on them. Ha! But we don't get to, 'cause like the OP said, the anonymity of the Internet.
Some of the comments are way meaner than even the moderator of the site is.
Hey, idiots! Her name is April Winchell, it's plastered across the main graphic on the sidebar of Regretsy. So, to recap, dennisanderson, who enjoys acting like a disruptive child in all sorts of forum threads cannot be bothered to visit the site and read anything in the first 2 inches of screen... and yet, hang on to your hats, folks, he has something to"add" to the discussion...
Thank god that some other moron who also cannot read took the time to agree with him!

Regretsy smells like fine wine, all I get here are sour grapes.