Tuesday, January 26, 2010

tinahdee... you're a special case

Apparently, this is part 2 in what now must be an ongoing series of "tinahdee".

Dear Rob Kalin, please, please....
Please don't change the default search until the issues with resellers, mistagging, and keyword stuffing are addressed and fixed.

Please.... even with all the faults and quirks of the system the way it is, at least we understand it and can work with it until the extremely important underlying issues are taken care of. With all due respect, it's putting the cart before the horse to change the default search to relevant when the system is so broken.

To change the default search to relevant when all these other things are going on feels like adding insult to injury. As a seller who has a modest level of success here, it feels like I am being sabotaged by "relevant thursdays" and the promise (threat?) of this becoming permanent. Is there really any way that the "kinks" in the current "relevant search" can possibly get worked out (in three short weeks of beta testing) when the HUGE underlying problems that bork the system are still there?

I am trying not to anticipate Thursday, and I am working on living in the moment and taking care of business right now. And I will find a way to succeed in my business, on or off Etsy, even if the resellers and keyword stuffers get rewarded as the system becomes even more unworkable for people who are trying to run an honest business, be competitive, and truly strive for excellence without asking for concessions. But I love Etsy and its unique quality in a sea of mediocre marketplaces and it would be a tragedy to see it go the way of others.

So, my plea to you is, please don't change the search system until the more important issues are fixed. Can we back up and attack this in a different way?

Thanks for listening.
So, tinahdee would rather spend 20 cents constantly renewing than have a search that works for buyers on the basis of relevancy.

but then, tinahdee is a special one
who thinks there is no favoritism with the front page or gift guides...

Would you morons stop complaining when etsy actually implements something that will work for your benefit with less monetary expense? Seriously, shut the fuck up and calm down. Let relevancy take its course.