Sunday, February 7, 2010

etsy, it's not me, it's you

This has got to be the stupidest thing I have read in this entire thread. I am simply gobsmacked by the total and complete stupidity of LucyBlaireCreations. I am so stupefied by this shit that I had to share it, well, that and I am now dumber for having read it, so I think the rest of you should share in my shame and horror.

LucyBlaireCreations says
First off I love Gift Guides and I'm SUPER pissed they're gone.

That being said, lets start out by saying, life isn't fair and that uphill battle should be what motivates you, not makes you quit and ask for the unfair thing to be completely removed because every single one of us can't be involved. Trust me, I get frustrated all the time seeing the same sellers on the FP and GG's and the Storque but it makes me work harder! Photographing and rephotographing, working on my descriptions, etc etc.... learn to live with disappointment people and maybe tell yourself perhaps I'm not there because my stuff isn't good enough. If you don't believe that about yourself than maybe its because you aren't "out there" enough, how can Etsy put you in something if they don't know you exist?

There is ALWAYS something to improve upon. You can say its Etsy's fault if you want, and hey, it pretty much is, but thats a battle you can't win, but if you tell yourself its you and if only YOU could be better, then theres hope.

I'm sorry, but there is A LOT of crap here on Etsy and as a seller with MILLIONS of things to do I don't have to time to "shop" through the crap. I start in Gift Guides, get an idea, and then go search for the more specific thing. I don't know how thats not useful. I have a feeling there will be a buyer backlash on this.
Now that you've read that, I would actually suggest that you log into your etsy account and report LucyBlaireCreations' post. She just insulted you: "there is A LOT of crap here on Etsy". People have been muted for less, so the more of you who report the post - the better.

Can you believe this asshole? Seriously? This fucktard just told you guys that you suck, your products suck, it's your fault, and the quicker you blame yourself... then, well, you're still never going to be featured... so, uh, yeah, learn to live with disappointment.

Holy shit, what a moron, and what an asshole.

Newsflash, LucyBlaireCreations, quitters never win, and winners never quit. But, apparently you're a quitter, and a lazy one at that. I am also assuming that you quit that whole "spelling, grammar, and punctuation thing" in the fourth grade too. Because, my god, what the fuck was that abomination of words thrown together without the use of punctuation or apostrophes? My spell check / grammar check is about to have a seizure.

Double negative time here, but there isn't nothing that we Etsians can not do about problems with the staff; doing nothing is what gets nothing done. Doing unnecessary shit like fixing things that aren't actually broke (your listings) is actually a waste of time.

It's assholes like LucyBlaireCreations that give all the forum assholes a bad name.

If you are one of the many etsians who was never in a gift guide and hasn't seen the front page in ages (and by ages I don't mean since last week... 7 days is not an eternity), it is not, in fact, because you suck, or your products suck. It's because the etsy employees continue to feature their favorites / the same sellers over and over in all those free promotional spots because the etsy employees are careless and lazy. It's not you, it's etsy. Let the blame lie with the real culprit: etsy. Go ahead, actualize it.

The gift guides, at their peak, and well, always, were a beacon of etsy favorites. CardboardSafari was once featured in 8 gift guides simultaneously. Toybreaker was regularly in 7 gift guides simultaneously. Lirola was usually in 6 simultaneously. It's not because these people make great stuff. It's because etsy staff are lazy, shallow, and incompetent and with the protection of "no calling out" in place couldn't possibly be held accountable for actually being altruistic about the free promotional spots on the site. If no one is allowed to say anything, then who can voice dissent?
No one.
So, you know what, start fucking talking. And I don't mean TOU violating or blanketly insulting your fellow etsians like LucyBlaireCreations did by suggesting that there is "A LOT" of "crap". I mean cleverly omitting the names, and just state the facts.
Everything that PetitPoulailler stated on the next page was dead on correct, and also lacked any form of TOU violations.
It is annoying to have to take the high road when dealing with the employees of a company who have acted in such an unprofessional, immature, incompetent, and childish fashion unchecked for way too fucking long, but it's the way to get things done.

Don't let these stupid fucks tell you it's you and 'learn to live with disappointment.' Don't get pissed at them and lose your forum privileges. Take the high ground, rebut them like some technical thesis paper, and when they blanketly insult: report their posts. But don't get all reactionary, unless, of course, you're doing it from the comfort of your blog.

Demonstrate to etsy that trust is a thing that they have lost, and that it is the hardest thing to regain. I don't trust their employees, and neither should you. Let your lost trust be known. Because they let you down. It's them, it's not you. You quit, they win. Never quit pointing out that they continue to let you down with their incompetence, their petulance, and their continual favoritism.