Saturday, February 13, 2010

A special shout-out to a call-out!

Okay, so we admit it, we're a little short when it comes time to add up effort for caring about certain types of rule infractions. Yeah, resellers aren't exactly our deal here at the Blacklist.

We would, however like to give a special shout out to Etsy Call Out, particularly for this entry, which, yes, we are late to the party on.

We're proud of you, etsy call out, which I imagine means absolutely nothing. But in the opposite of the spirit of JaniceCordeiro, we wanted to congratulate you on your hard work.

And because we're just a little bit dickish, we have a suggestion (which we figure will go unusued).
Don't call them the "Treasury Mafia". Call it "treasury incest". If you're going to brand bad behaviour, then don't give it a cool name (or anything with a romanticized level of villainry). Seriously, call it incest, how fucking uncool is that? Way uncool. And really, that's what it is: incest.

We recommend rebranding the treasury mafia as simply treasury incest, because it sounds so much worse.

Anyway, we enjoyed reading the post, and keep up the admirable work.

We haven't decided how to start placing bets on whether or not the purveyors of treasury incest will be making the blacklist. Part of us kind of hopes the etsy staff aren't that stupid. Experience, however, tells us otherwise.