Saturday, February 13, 2010

a special case: Janice

We encourage all of you non-moron, non-assholes to go off to the forums and participate in this thread:
Tell Etsy what you consider to be FP repetition

So far, popular answers to how frequently should one seller be featured on the front page range from once per week to once every 10 days. Great practical and pragmatic responses, for the most part.

Now, of course, we do expect some dipshits to post in the thread, fortunately we didn't have to wait long for JaniceCordeiro to give her trite and meaningless opinion... it's a whopper, and yes, you will be dumber for having read it.

The front page belongs to Etsy. That should be their decision. I think the front page is obsessed over way too often. I'm getting tired of seeing people stamping their feet and saying me, me, me. We get incensed if Etsy puts something in "our" shops yet the group mentality is that the shop keepers own the front page too. That's Etsy's advertising space. Took me awhile to come to this conclusion because the group mentality becomes invasive at times.
First of all, fuck you, you moron. My god, could you possibly have anything of less value to add to the discussion? You're almost as bad as favoritism / repetition denier Tinahdee, who I gather wishes we would stop mentioning her idiotic posts here.

If etsy didn't suck balls with the front page favoritism and repetition in the first place, then none of this would currently be a topic of discussion.

However, if you did happen to be around a few days prior you might understand why Janice thinks the staff does such a fine job...

What the Heck Is
What the hell is wrong with you people. I have never seen such nonsense. The jealousy on this site is beyond disgusting.

You should be happy that someone did something very well. And was honored for that. But instead you whine like little kids. If you want to be honored for something here's a clue --- get better than they are. If you don't want to put in the work to get better, then shutup! Let the people who did something really good shine for their brief moment and congratulate them. Like a grown up!

Read your posts. If you haven't embarrassed yourself you didn't look closely enough.

Guess what! I made the front page yesterday. Picked by Etsy. You know how many people said well done? One!

I'm also going to be in the next edition of Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Magazine.

I also was requested to include some of my sculptures in a new gallery in Silver Springs, Maryland.

There, you weren't, so now you really have something to complain about.

To the people who won the latest honors I say VERY WELL DONE AND CONGRATULATIONS!

To the childish complainers I say GROW THE HELL UP!

Yeah, thanks to the fact that we have been rightfully and relentlessly critiquing the front page favoritism and repetition, etsy has gone out of their way to do a sub-standard job of pretending to feature more people, while still relentlessly featuring the SAME people. As you can read, JaniceCordeiro is one of the people who has benefited from our efforts.
(fortunately, we appreciate irony)

And yes, you did read that correctly, JaniceCordeiro had no one tell her what a great person she was for making FP or whatever she claimed to have accomplished, so she started a snide thread to let all you people know how ungrateful you bastards are for not falling at her feet when she entered the room... that, and apparently she was incapable of understanding the sarcasm of another forum thread which was really why she went on this tirade to begin with.

So, hey, if douchebags like JaniceCordeiro can make the front page, of course they don't want a level playing field, and yes, apparently Virginia, you are expected to pepper her with praise.

Fucking moron.

Okay, I had to edit this post to point out a few things (at the behest of the council):
JaniceCordeiro is apparently no friend of grammar and punctuation.
First up "---" this is not an actual symbol of punctuation. It is a short dash "-" for a thought that will be interrupted but then completed, e.g.
JaniceCordeiro is a moron of the highest degree - not that that's an honor - just stating a fact.
OR it's "--" or "—" (the long dash, for a thought that will be interrupted but not completed).
Learn your dashes, motherfucker.

"get better than they are"
God, my head hurts. You don't end a sentence with a preposition. I guess it's hard to get better than they are when you can't formulate the sentence correctly.

"If you haven't embarrassed yourself you didn't look closely enough."
It is called an "If / Then" clause, you dipshit. "If" being followed by "Then", which comes after the comma.

"Let the people who did something really good shine for their brief moment and congratulate them." You mean the people who did something really well? And how about a comma? Are you familiar with that form of punctuation?

"Like a grown up!"
This is a sentence fragment. It's not artsy.

Fucking learn to form sentences, you moron.

*this concludes this brief session from the language police*