Monday, February 8, 2010

front page repeats, still...

You know, I wrote some long ass editorial on Saturday, but it's not like I stopped paying attention or something...

Saturday saw these front page repeats...
GollyBard (perennial repeat, more than TWICE this week)
krize (regular repeat, TWICE this week + last week)
thrush (perennial repeat)
toybreaker (perennial repeat, TWICE this week)

Sunday saw these front page repeats...
allencompanyinc (regular repeat, this week + TWICE last week, the week before last)
AwakenJournaling (regular repeat, this week + last week, the week before last)
humblebea (perennial repeat, this week, last week, etc)
NanLawson (regular repeat, this week + last week, the week before last)
quotesandnotes (this week + multiple times last week)
RUBYrecycled (regular repeat, this week + last week, the week before last)
slinkymalinkicat (perennial repeat, this week + multiple times last week, and the week before last)
xenotees (regular repeat, this week + TWICE last week, the week before last)

Now at the bottom of etsy's front page is the "New Storque Articles & Related Items" box, you know the thing with the scroll screen...
So, there's this article:
Etsy Finds: Revenge of the Nerds
And what is featured in the graphic for the article? Why the foliage handsoap set, of course.
So, guess what's already on the front page (if you guessed hand shaped soap by foliage, give yourself a silver star!)? Why it's a treasury titled "browsing through etsy's categories", which of course, was selected by etsy staff -- you know the people who are paid through your listing fees. Hey, guess which item was found by etsy staff while supposedly "browsing through the categories"!!!!
(rolls eyes)
if you guessed: foliage handsoap set
then give yourself a gold star.

What are the chances that an item that is A. already on the front page, and B. has already appeared so god damned many times on the front page, in Storque articles, the etsy finds email, and too many times in the gift guides to possibly count — anyway, what are the chances that some paid etsy employee was actually spending company time looking through the etsy listings in the categories and found that one? What are the chances? Zero.

Stop fucking calling it browsing through etsy's categories. Call it shit that I found a year and a half ago while I happened to accidently be forced to browse a category, which I have then featured in every possible location on this site I could jam it into because it's one of my personal favorites.

Showing us the very same shit by the very same people who have been featured there previously that week, the week before that, and every preceding week is fucking insulting, it's a demonstration of contempt, and it's lazy.
I'd like to end with "etsy fail", but well, I think the employees are too dense and self righteous to get it... so we'll go with:
perennial etsy fuck up, favoritism, repeats and other unsavory behavior that erodes the trust of your member community.
"etsy suck" on every level of social commerce.