Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a special case: elinart

what a surprise to see your forest fungus on the front page today!

we remember reading this forum thread just two weeks ago:
you see "elinart" has another shop called ElinThomas, and using the ElinThomas username posted this:

I've just seen the most gross....

I've just seen the most gross shop ever. My jaw just dropped, I still can't believe it. Don't convo me about it please.

Just to say, seeing it has made me decide to leave Etsy, this place is really starting to stink! Just having my work on the same site as seedy trash makes me feel sick.

----- page 2
Well, I'm not going to call anyone out. I've closed my shop so please don't convo. Over-reaction?'s the straw that broke this camel's back. I've had enough, it's my choice, I don't expect anyone to follow suit.

-----page 9
Yes...I will be shutting my other shop, but I am working on a few custom orders at the moment so need to stay open.
So, since your shops are both open, then you were just fucking with all of us when you said you were closing up shop and leaving etsy?

Don't buy from unstable sellers like elinart a.k.a. ElinThomas